Profile: Anglelie

Love is color blide

Name: Anggy

I am: Female

Age: 35 years old

Country: Philippines

Last active: 18 hours ago

Looking for: Male 22-38 year old| years old



I am single and I am looking for someone special who can take me to the heaven with him

Looking for: Male 22 - 38 year old| years old


bigcoolpoppi - 06-06-2020

Dear Anggy. Thank you for your message. Your photo is terrific and clearly shows your amazing beauty and sexiness. You are a perfect example of the natural beauty, s*x appeal and elegance of the women from the Philippines. I absolutely love your beautiful hair, eyes, lips and smile. Your beautiful smile can launch a thousand ships! I may be older than the age range you listed on your profile, but I have a lot to offer that special woman. Please read my profile and, if interested, please send me a message telling me about yourself. I look forward to your reply. Please have a wonderful day and always be safe. With respect, admiration and loving thoughts, Anthony.🌹💘💗❤

Rizbe13 - 29-03-2020

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Steve1234 - 15-01-2019

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PeterB3 - 18-09-2018

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