Profile: Emily32

Are you lonely?

Name: Emmie

I am: Female

Age: 29 years old

Country: Philippines

Last active: 4 hours ago

Looking for: Male 21-55 years old

for: Friendship, Marriage, Romance, Relationship



There are people around the world who still lonely and single. So I believe I will meet one of them and bring happiness and love for each other.
I think age is doesn't matter for love. Unless we are understand well.

Looking for: Male 21 - 55 years old

for: Friendship, Marriage, Romance, Relationship


Carmine 3 months ago

Just want to say in general, not this profile per se, this site is filled with Fakes scamming...remember, it looks too good and sounds too good to be true, it most definitely IS...Filipina is so short-sighted in general. It would take a lot for a qualified foreigner at this time to have the money and be able to avoid quarantine, just to get a coffee date, they are still acting like they have a huge market value...extremely short-sighted with these girls. Sadly, they will mostly all be settling for a broke Dik local 😂village idiot who will even take money from them, and many of these girls will give me, I have been to a lot of places in the PI...when you have an Issue...remember always these 3 words... " Don't Ask Why " LOL...😂

a2ndchance55 6 months ago


a2ndchance55 6 months ago


csnu5 9 months ago

She is a he with fake photos and 5 foreigners all sendin this guy money

Fabien2 12 months ago

fake profile