Profile: JuliaSmile

Name: Julia

I am: Female

Age: 32 years old

Country: Philippines

Last active: 4 hours ago

Looking for: Male 18-90 years old

for: Friendship, Marriage, Romance, Relationship



166 cm

49 kg

Looking for: Male 18 - 90 years old

for: Friendship, Marriage, Romance, Relationship



Mitch69 1 week ago

fake or not? who cares. whoever she is has great tits

Ih8goat 1 month ago

gents tell me is maribelle profile is a fake or not

Peter_3O 2 months ago

Guys , you can bet: 1) all US - Profiles : SCAM! ; 2) all china profiles: SCAM! (all have same story: !I am using PC of my employer and I have no cam, an no mobile phone) 3) all profiles with very pretty girls Age 35/36, looking for much older men, having a 2 piece pic ! Be aware

Randy55 5 months ago

Julia Smile is photos of a pinay movie actress!

Germane88 6 months ago

f-ck fake

Carmine 7 months ago

I am estimating that half the profiles on this site are Fake or Scammers especially the ones from Cebu looking for a US sponsor...just be on guard so you don't waste your time...NEVER SEND MONEY

Micha1962 7 months ago

vikie li model fake profil

kamilosnk 9 months ago


Looking_East 11 months ago


Right clkc on photo - Searcg Google for Photo.

This is Vivkie Li - model

I reported this 5 times... but we are dealing with IDIOTS here.

Blufrog 12 months ago

this girls photo have been stolen from instergram.
vicki li.
anyone can check most photos on here by opening the photo and click and hold until search options appear. from there u can do a google search.
otfen in will show u who the photo is. sometime u can see a scam watch.
it doesnt alway have any onfo.
hope it helpful. scamers sh*t me

nauru 13 months ago


canom 15 months ago

viki li guaooo porque engañan asi con una foto tuya en esta pagina

Rafael1965 16 months ago

Scammer. Prostitute

mischiefmanaged 17 months ago

Tired of scammers? There's an easy solution for this. Ask Everyone that contacts you to verify their image. Since scammers steal other people's pictures and use's going to be difficult for them to verify their pic.

Why spend time on a fake profile? Ask to verify their image. If they can't, they're fake. No point in communicating with them, right?

AMERICAN_RANDY 20 months ago

the girl in the profile is not the same girl. this is a scammer the girl in the picture in a model from China

nauru 20 months ago


Blufrog 20 months ago

yes. 100% scammer... i googled the photo and this is Viki Li.
this profile and any with this womans photo will most likely b a scammer

sanok 21 months ago

be carefull guys this is a scammer , this is photo of Vicki Li for sure, has the mole on forehead,

sanok 21 months ago

the same girl as profile "Stonecold14344", so which one is real? probably none

CaliforniaLove 21 months ago

I am pretty certain those pics are of Vicki Li, the famous Chinese import model.

kevzkie 27 months ago

can i add u ?

Kamuela 29 months ago

Sorry about people being so weird.. just like to say thank you

Charlie_14 32 months ago

Damn, girl, drop dead gorgeous and a helluva of knockers❤

Nivla14 32 months ago

So pretty with strong s*x appeal

Nivla14 32 months ago

So pretty with strong s*x appeal

bigcoolpoppi 34 months ago

Dear Julia. You are a very beautiful and sexy young woman and it would be a privilege and an honor to meet you and spend time with you. Let's get together and see what happens. With respect and warmest wishes, Anthony.❤

Drwho1original 35 months ago


Jay_2U 39 months ago


Ian21 39 months ago

Very attractive.

Regards Ian