Perfil: Amay

Nombre: Amaya

Soy: Mujer

Edad: 31 años de edad

Pais: Filipinas

Último activo: Hace 5 horas

Buscando: Hombre 25-50 años



I am positive mind and like to traveling. I believe where ever you are there are love around you. But if you dont feel it... come here I will make you feel my love.

Buscando: Hombre 25 - 50 años



Gionny Hace 7 meses

hi i will be visiting your beautiful country after covid, i would love to meet you , cheers gionny dillon

bigcoolpoppi Hace 24 meses

Hi Amaya. You are an absolutely stunning, sexy, sensuous and gorgeous woman! Your hair, eyes, lips and smile are all simply gorgeous. I'd love to talk with you and meet you in person. With respect and loving thoughts, Anthony❤

pimprider Hace 28 meses

lets chat on my inbox at fb.. Jalbert Saez is my account in fb..❤

abdullah Hace 38 meses

Looking nice I will love to chat with you

Bbest1 Hace 42 meses

Great picture. Stunning 😀

Mohameda123 Hace 44 meses

Leys take dear

Jdadair Hace 45 meses

Wow very beautiful, can we talk?

maximo Hace 53 meses



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