Perfil: Sylvia521

Look for better life

Nombre: Sylvia

Soy: Mujer

Edad: 31 años de edad

Pais: Filipinas, Cebu

Último activo: Hace 2 horas

Buscando: Hombre 18-90 años

para: Amistad, Matrimonio, Romance, Relación seria



165 cm

50 kg

Buscando: Hombre 18 - 90 años

para: Amistad, Matrimonio, Romance, Relación seria



Johnnydrep Hace 1 mes

you're still single. great, after 38 months im so lucky i hope you are the one

FunsomeMan2747 Hace 2 meses

Heres a tip for the brothers looking for true profiles... look at the grain of the pictures. all over photo will have specks & blurrs specially if like this photo it was taken from a thumbnail pic... just trying to help.

Mike_S18 Hace 2 meses

c'est une photo du mannequin Vicki Li 😀

mwamwa Hace 3 meses

Scammers not real profile

Christrus2 Hace 4 meses


Niceeyes Hace 4 meses

Thanks for the warnings boys. You can see that it's a modelling shot. Too much of the bs going on.

Randy55 Hace 12 meses

Yeah,she got busted! Her profile says she lives in Cebu, but guess what boys, I live in cebu! 🤣 When I asked her to meet me, she never answered! Scammer b*tch! Hahaha!

Markthoma Hace 12 meses

this is scammer this is a chinese model pix

Phrog Hace 13 meses

This pic found on many other sites, probably a chinese woman

nauru Hace 14 meses


tallent777 Hace 14 meses

NEVER send moey to someone you dont no, it kicks the scammers right in the nuts.

sanok Hace 22 meses

scammer, this is a photo of Chinese model Vicki Li

AlexN_1 Hace 26 meses

I am to, looking for a better taken for the internet I think.

Mark_C7 Hace 28 meses

Would you like to come to Australia

Kamuela Hace 31 meses

How's Hawaii sound... Great place for a change

Read1 Hace 38 meses

Shall we?

sweetman323 Hace 39 meses

Nice to meet you

Charlie_14 Hace 39 meses

Lovely Miss Sylvia, you are an ANGEL. Could we possibly chat?

bigcoolpoppi Hace 39 meses

My dear Slyvia. You are absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to meet you and spend time with you. Please read my profile and, if interested, please send me a message. I look forward to your reply. Pleae have a wonderful day. With respect and warmest wishes, Anthony❤

MathiasK Hace 39 meses

Very Beautyful Woman

Ian21 Hace 40 meses

Great photo regards Ian


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