Perfil: Damion42

Nombre: Vergie

Soy: Mujer

Edad: 28 años de edad

Pais: Philippines

Último activo: Hace 2 semanas

Buscando: Hombre 18-41 años de edad



Thanks for interesting.
I am open mind about would love to be friend with everyone. If you like can send me a message about yourself. If there are interesting... I will welcome you for my life.

Buscando: Hombre 18 - 41 años de edad


bigcoolpoppi - 20-12-2018

A very beautiful, sexy and sensual young woman. I would love to meet you and get to know you. With respect and loving thoughts, Anthony❤

islandersfj - 29-07-2018

dear iam older man 57 do you really want older man

Peter_J3 - 23-05-2018

Last active:29 months ago ... Scam website

Ed_V1 - 18-02-2018

hello ,where in Phillipines you live

TonyW2 - 18-12-2017

Can I see more pic of you