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Filipino marriage

The holy institution of marriage is celebrated throughout the world in a variety of ways. It is carried out in ways that are very unique to a particular place and the cultural identity of the people there. Although marriage ceremonies all over the world are a joyous thing to experience, marriage from a certain part of the world has really caught the attention of the world and that is Filipino marriage. The traditions surrounding marriage ceremonies conducted in the Philippines are so unique and classic that people always get drawn to it.

It will take just a little of your time to get to know what really goes into such marriages in the Philippines.

In the first place, marriages ceremonies in the Philippines all follow a certain trend. In other words, there are laid down traditions that ought to be followed before a Filipino marriage can be regarded as being recognised in the society.

The integral part of any Filipino marriage ceremony is that of unifying all members of a particular family including friends. This means that when one plans to marry by strictly following traditions that guide Filipino marriages, it should be expected that a large number of people will attend. Those that are even not up to the standards involves over a hundred and fifty people so it is very necessary to expect a lot of people when having a marriage ceremony in the Philippines.

The next thing about Filipino marriages is the fact that there are always sponsors who takes care of each and every stage of the marriage ceremony thereby making it a thing involving the whole family. The grandparents (Ninang and Ninong) are the main sponsors of the ceremony and they are always people who the groom and bride have a lot of respect for. Aside the main sponsors, there are also other very important sponsors for things like;

  • Candle
  • Coin
  • Veil
  • Cord

These are all items that are symbolic to all marriage ceremonies conducted in the Philippines and as such very important and necessary.

When it comes to the attire that the bride and groom are supposed to wear for their Filipino marriage ceremony, the groom is expected to put on the formal Filipino wedding attire. The groom is allowed to put on a white formal dress popularly known as the Barong Tagalog. This is very distinctive in terms of attires that are largely used for most wedding ceremonies in the Philippines.

The main colour for Filipino marriage attires is usually white but at other times couples may be allowed to go with other colours that are closer to white.

Unlike most marriage ceremonies that are conducted all over the world where the invited guests are always advised to come with empty stomachs so that immediately after the program they can eat, Filipino marriages are always the other way round. This means that one should always expect the marriage ceremony to be very lengthy and as such should get something in before attending such ceremonies. Aside this little heads-up, all Filipino marriages are fun and exciting to partake in.