Profil: Jayjay_binks

Prénom: Ja

Je suis un(e): Homme

Âge: 34 ans

Pays: Belgique, Limburg

Dernière activité: il y a 5 mois

Je recherche : Femme 18-38 an| ans

pour: Marriage, Relation sérieuse

Je recherche : Femme 18 - 38 an| ans

pour: Marriage, Relation sérieuse

Poids: 40 kg - 200 kg

Taille: 140 cm - 182 cm

Pays: Tous

Langues: American, Dutch, English

Nationalité: Tous

Silhouette: Athlétique, Dodu, Gros, Mince, Mince, Normal

Cheveux: Auburn, Autre, Blanc, Blond, Blond, Châtain, Chauve, Gris, Livré, Noir, Rouge, Stries de Gries

Longueur de cheveux: Court, Long, Moyenne, Très longs

Yeux: Autre, Bleu, Gris, Marron, Noir, Noix, Vert

Origine ethnique: Africain, Arabe, Asiatique, Autre, Espagnole, Européen, Indien

Religion: Agnostique, Athée, Bouddhiste, Catholique, Chrétien, Hindouisme, Judaïsme, Musulmans, Orthodoxe, Protestant, Shenism, Shintoïsme

Académique-Profession : Autodidacte, Autre, Baccalauréat, College student, Doctorat, Élève d`école supérieure, Étudiant d'université, Maîtrise, Pupil

Profession: Accountant, Acteur, Advertiser, Agronome, Aide, Artiste graphique, Auteur, Autre, Avocat, Chômeurs, Clerk, Coiffeur, Conducteur, Conseiller, Cuisinier, Dentiste, Directeur, Docteur, Esthète, Étudiant, Fleuriste, Fonctionnaire, Homme d'affaires, Ingénieur, Instructeur, Journaliste, Libraire, Librarian, Mandataire, Militaire, Musicien, Ouvrier, Peintre, Police, Pompier, Préposé d'hôpital, Professeur, Retraité, Secrétaire, Serveur, Sportif, Technicien, Webmaster

Revenu: De 10.000 à 20.000 $/an, De 20.000 à 30.000 $/an, De 30.000 à 40.000 $/an, De 40.000 à 50.000 $/an, De 50.000 à 75.000 $/an, De 75.000 à 100.000 $/an, Moins que 10.000 $/an, plus que 100.000 $/an

Style: Affaires, Autre, Classique, Grunge, Libre, Mode, Provincial, Punk, Sport

Statut marital: Célibataire, Divorcé, Marié, Séparé, Veuf

Enfants: 1-2 enfants, Veut en avoir, Want more children

Habitude du tabac: Je fume, Je ne fume pas, Je suis fumeur social

Habitude de l'alcool: De temps en temps, J'aime boire, Non, merci, Occasions sociales

Horoscope: Balance, Bélier, Cancer, Capricorne, Gémeaux, Lion, Poissons, Sagittaire, Scorpion, Taureau, Verseau, Vierge

A nerdy girl . If you dont know what lord of the rings is .... either watch it and if you like it .. hit me up , if you dont , im afraid it will not have a big chance of working out . But you can always try . I mean we never know ha ?

Knowing and/or playing boardgames, cardgames , miniature wargames , etc. Is a big huge plus for me .

Having 1 kid is no issue for me . I want 2 kids . 1 from another relationship is no big deal for me . But i want one from our love ... but rest asure . I would love them both as my own .

I love things that grow and live . Meaning , i like a farmers life but not beeing a farmer . I want a cow and some sheep . And some land to grow veggies and fruits on .

You need not to be a big party animal . I dont like discotheeks , once in a while oke , but not every weekend .
You do however need to be social . Visiting friends , going out dancing . Going out on trips with other couples is something i would do with you .

You are a romantic soul ? Good milady ;) me to .
You need to enjoy s*x . We are all adults . And i want you to know and/or enjoy fysical love to .

Look are personal . Meaning idc about your looks , but i will assas it person by person . You can be as cute and sexy and tall and thin , with big boos as much as you want ... if your not my cup of tea ... your not my cup of tea . Simple as that . (And if you think your ugly ... still try me if you think im worth it :) you might be surprised ) .

I want a mature girl/woman you still can be playfull . Meaning , pleas no drama . Be adult about serious subjects . And be fun and crazy we we are fooling around :) .

You need to love animals , you can be a vegan etc. But be respectfull for my lifestyle of eating meat . And i will do the same . Im not trying to change you in that way and you should not try to change me .

You should look at life with an open mind . Not be to judgy of others . Willing to grow on a personal level and on a relationship level .

You need to have patience with me . Im a long term investment ☺️. Im not quiet there yet . But once i am .. it will pay off . Rest asure , i would go through fire for the wright kinda girl/woman . And i hope she will do the same .

You are loyal and think jealousy and ego has no place in a relationship.



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