Profil: Darkpain666

I'm on a Highway to HELL !!!!!!

Prénom: darkpain666

Je suis un(e): Homme

Âge: 69 ans

Pays: Corée du Sud

Dernière active: il y a 1 semaine

Je recherche : Femme 18-38 an

pour: Amitié, Romance, Relation sérieuse

173 cm

78 kg



Longueur de cheveux:
Très longs


Origine ethnique:



Statut marital:

Habitude du tabac:
Je ne fume pas

Habitude de l'alcool:
Non, merci


* DO NOT SEND KISSES !!! If you send kisses you're automatically considered a scammer ... DO NOT send gifts or only emoticons (or "stickers") and DO NOT leave comments or whatever, and DO NOT just say "Hi" or "Hello" only , because I will NOT respond anything to that !!!... TALK to me , and I will TALK to you.... We are all grownups so let's have a decent conversation ... So here goes ******

ABOUT ME : Quiet, calm, deep, moody, serious ...... I am DARK !!!!!! I HATE smoke, alcohol, ALL religion (except Buddhism). I can't live without coffee, chocolate, and Music ...... I only wear and use everything BLACK ......

I don't wanna get married , I don't wanna have a family and I don't wanna have children ...... You can be my good FRIEND , or my GIRLFRIEND , or "lover" ...... When I do have a girlfriend and I am faithful to my lady and will NOT cheat ......

I don't believe in "soulmate" because I do NOT have a fxxking soul !!!...

I do NOT believe in "love" ... I have no such ... I can give you friendship , I can fill your desires ... which do you want ?... maybe BOTH ......

I'm unlike any other person you'll ever meet ...... I am a SATANIST and I 'm on a "Highway way to HELL " !!!!!! ......

If you wanna check out my pathetic attempts and my past EVIL deeds , please go to :

Je recherche : Femme 18 - 38 an

pour: Amitié, Romance, Relation sérieuse

Taille: 158 cm - 176 cm

Religion: Athée, Bouddhiste

Statut marital: Célibataire, Divorcé, Veuf

Enfants: Aucun Enfants, Don't want children

Habitude du tabac: Je ne fume pas

Habitude de l'alcool: Non, merci

I am a lone WOLF by nature. I like to be alone all my life (stay SINGLE) but of course it's good to have a nice girlfriend who understands my personality. If you are a MUSIC fan and appreciate Arts, you will enjoy being around me. I HATE smoke , I HATE alcohol , I HATE all religion , EXCEPT Buddhism because they are the ONLY religion that has NO hostility to others , even though I am a fxxking SATANIST ... I am a WOLF, but I will protect and keep my female warm in the cold. I'm calm by day and I'll be WILD at "night"... We will burn together in bed......